Q.- What are the office hours for the Ground Transportation Permit Section?
A.- Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Closed holidays.

Q.- Who is required to obtain a ground transportation service permit?
A.- A service permit is required for commercial operators providing ground transportation services to or from the airport. These services include but are not limited to prearranged, courtesy, crew, and expedite services and mobile food vendors.

Q.- What are the requirements for obtaining a ground transportation permit?
A.- The operator must provide an original application completed and signed, certificate of liability insurance listing Miami Dade Aviation Department as certificate holder and additional insured, copy of local business tax receipt, copy of current vehicle registration for each vehicle, copy of for‐hire vehicle permit or Passenger Motor Carrier Permit (PMC). A security deposit is required.

Q.- How much is the security deposit?
A.- Companies that register less than ten vehicles on their permit application require a $500.00 security deposit. Companies listing ten or more vehicles require $1,000.00 security deposit.

Q.- My company provides a courier service. Do we have to get a permit?
A.- Yes, courier and delay baggage companies are require to obtain a service permit. The cost is $200.00 per vehicle up to a maximum of $3,000.00 per company. Food vendors are also required to obtain a permit for a fee of $360.00 per year.

Q.- When do permits expire?
A.- General prearranges service permits expire on October 31st each year. Food vendor permits expire on December 31st each year and all other permits expire one year after issuance.

Q.- Do permits renew automatically?
A.- No. Permit companies must submit a new, completed application package annually.

Q.- Is there a fee to renew a permit?
A.- There is a $100.00 (nonrefundable) fee.

Q.- What are forms of payment are accepted?
A.- Initial permit application payment can be made by cashier’s check, money order, company/personal check or credit card.

Q.- How do I contact the Ground Transportation Permit Section?
A.- The telephone number is 305 876 7445 or email groundtransportationpermits@miami-airport.com

On-Line MIA PERMIT Account Holders:

Q.- Can I access my MIA Account Permit information from my office?
A.- Yes, remote access is available for those Permit Account Holders who have been issued a Login and Password to the AVI GKS Permit System (see attached Users Guide).


Below are links to the applications and related documentation required for companies to apply for the following MIA permit types: 

 Food Truck Vendors

 Off-Airport Car Rental and Parking Lot Operators

 Pre-Arranged, Courtesy, Crew, Delivery, Expedite

For questions regarding these documents, please contact the MIA Ground Transportation Permit Section by phone at 305-876-7445, or by email at: groundtransportationpermits@miami-airport.com