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A Look at South Florida’s Landscapes
Lucas Blanco & Juan Carballo

June – September 29, 2016 
 From Left to Right: Lucas, Blanco, Kendall Indian Hammocks Park V, 2015, acrylic on canvas and Juan Carballo, End of Virginia Key II, 2016, oil on panel
Paintings by Miami based artists, Lucas Blanco and Juan Carballo, reveal how the two artists are inspired and persuaded by the South Florida landscape as the subject of their work. Through careful thought and planning, as well as observation and contemplation, these two painters scout and survey locations both remote and common.   Capturing those qualities that make their choices unique, the process develops as the conditions of their ever-changing environment, well out of their control, are translated into paint.   Not only as beautiful examples of plein-air painting, these works are also valuable as a record of South Florida’s natural wonders.