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Conversations: Storytelling through Imagery (Connecting Art and Literacy)

November 9 - February 8, 2018

Artist: Nathan Sanchez, Title: The Journey Of The Dolphin, School: Santa Clara Elementary School, Art Teacher: Aliana Ochoa


Storytelling has fulfilled the need to pass on experiences, history, moral values, culture, beliefs and customs from generation to generation. Using narrative, music, dance and visual arts, this tradition has been long evident in ancient cultures. For this exhibition, students explored how to tell their stories through visual imagery, using art as a creative expression to relay personal and social experiences. The exhibition invites you to see the everyday life events in the lives of Miami students, K-12.






It's Our World

Created by L.E.T.S. Draw students: Aaron Ashe, Dominique Byrd, Aesha Coleman, Charlotte Graham, Khyree Joseph, Kheyana Joseph and Nathaniel Perverdera.

South Terminal H, 2nd level