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Cartographies: Mapping the Contemporary
Children’s Art Gallery, E-D Connector past security checkpoint
opens November 2016 

Cartographies: Mapping the Contemporary

 Artist: Francesca Tobar Title: Searching for Direction
School: Miami Beach Senior High School Art Teacher: Tom Virgin

Cartography, the study or practice of making maps, has long been an important activity in human history. The oldest known maps are preserved on Babylonian clay tablets from about 2300 BCE. The Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Spaniards and Indians all created cartographic images. These old 3 maps provide us with key information about what was known in the past, including the ideas, beliefs and traditions of various cultures. Today’s cartographic imagery not only delineates global coordinates using satellite imagery, but visual artists incorporate them into individual artworks as well. For example, Argentinian Guillermo Kuitca’s recurrent themes of maps, travel and migration are used as symbols for organizational systems and ideas of connectivity, whereas Uruguayan Joaquín Torres-García’s inverted map of South America from 1943 comments on the hierarchical relationships among nations by reversing the topography of the Americas. Local Miami painter John Bailly heavily references maps and atlases as a way to explore his cultural identity, origin and personal “sense of place.” This exhibition explores the many facets and interpretations of cartographic imagery by Miami-Dade County Public Schools students K-12.