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Miami-Dade Aviation Department
Miami International Airport
Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs

MIA Portrait Project
Concourse J, Gate 7
Opens December 2015

From left to right: Artists Kristen Thiele and Christina Pettersson working in their respective studios.From left to right: Artists Kristen Thiele and Christina Pettersson working in their respective studios.
 From left to right: Artists Kristen Thiele and Christina Pettersson working in their respective studios.  
The MIA Portrait Project film series is the first original programming of the art-centric video site WAYPOINT, which debuted at CONTEXT Art Miami 2015. The portrait-making encounters between four diverse artists  - Jessie Laino, Christina Pettersson, Kerry Phillips and Kristen Thiele and their subjects, Miami International Airport employees  – are the focus of the new series of films.
WAYPOINT is a public electronic art exhibition project inaugurated at one of the world’s largest transportation hubs, Miami International Airport (with annual traffic of more than 40 million passengers). Its mission is to present and engage travelers with a rich and vibrant stream of programming that includes short documentary films about artists creating work and visually inspiring video artwork by established and emerging artists.

WAYPOINT was developed by the Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs, Miami International Airport, in association with contemporary art filmmakers Wet Heat Project.



For more information on this exhibition, please contact the Miami-Dade Aviation Department's
Division of Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs at 305-876-0749.


Wendy Wischer
Central Terminal Gallery
Opens December 2015


Enclosed Wendy Wischer

Enclosed is a site-specific installation of a large tree inspired by the old Buttonwood trees native to Southern Florida.   The branches can span over 100 feet, often grazing the ground for support. 
The tree, with a reflective mirrored mylar surface, is seen in fragments within the enclosed cases of the MIA Gallery, making reference to a preserved specimen while simultaneously acting as a cage as if to prevent further growth. 
With our shifting landscape as a result of ever-increasing development, growing numbers of rare and endangered trees are found across the planet.  Even those trees not endangered have a limited life span, as often they are not free to grow to their full potential.  As a result, we will be left with traces, fragmented specimens and memories.
With Enclosed, it will be the reflecting light that escapes through these transparent cases of the gallery as it expands outward into the space connecting with the viewers both in reflections of light and within the tree itself as the mirrored surface of the piece reflects the surrounding colors of the architectural environment, including the viewers.
This piece alludes to containment and the blurred distinction of preservation and entrapment and how our collections of fragments distort the whole, leaving gaps in our memories.   It is only the light that has no boundaries.


Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of our National Parks
Photography by Clyde Butcher
South Terminal,  Meeter and Greeter Lobby, Third Level
Opens November 2015

Clyde Butcher, Conservation #5, 2004, archival pigment print

Considered one of America’s Best Ideas, the United States National park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2016. Here in Miami we are fortunate to have three National Parks that are just minutes away: Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve.
Distinguished photographer Clyde Butcher has captured the essence of these wild and beautiful public lands that are owned by the American people.

You Are Here
Ken Nintzel
Opens November 2015
South Terminal Gallery, 4th floor Mezzanine


Born in 1968 and raised in New Jersey, Ken Nintzel is a New York City based multidisciplinary artist who creates work in a variety of media including theater, installation, performance,  sculpture, exhibition, photography and video. You Are Here, is a mixed media sculptural installation that recreates the constellations of the night sky in physical form, studding them with starlight and suspending them overhead to create a life-size stellarium.  The animal constellation figures have been created through a kind of craft-taxidermy, using flocking for fur and sequins for scales among other materials. The human constellations have been cobbled together from tailor and dress forms, wig heads, boot trees and mannequin parts, to represent generic lay figures that the viewer can project onto, placing themselves in the center of this fanciful universe.
You Are Here was inspired by my first look at a celestial atlas and its detailed illustrations of the constellations in corporeal form, a menagerie of wild and domesticated animals, reptiles, insects, creatures of the sea, birds in flight, symbolic objects, heroines, heroes and mythological beasts, all posed in a celestial tableau. The more I looked at these illustrations the more I wanted to be among these stellar constellations, surrounded by their physical presence.

Origins and Destinations
Laena Wilder
Opens September 2015
North Terminal, Gates D21 – Gates D30

Origins and Destinations

Laena Wilder photographed and interviewed over 200 passengers at MIA for this project, opening a
dialogue and creating a thought-provoking record. The generosity of the participants was exquisite.
No two interactions were alike. The resulting exhibition aims to shift the context in which nameless
and unfamiliar faces are often seen. Making the invisible - visible. Thinking of each person as an
individual thread, with an origin and destination, this exhibition explores the ever-changing tapestry of
humanity surrounding us at any given moment.


Laena Wilder uses photography and oral history as tools for gathering cultural information, making art
and facilitating exchange within diverse communities. She holds an undergraduate degree in fine arts
and earned a Master of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Wilder’s efforts
have earned her a prestigious Rockefeller Fellowship Grant and her visual research has taken her
around the world. For more information visit www.OriginsAndDestinations.com


Scott Weber
The Orchid Series 2006-2011
Palladium-toned Van Dyke Photographs
opens May 2015
North Terminal, Gates D22 – D25

 Scott Weber, Orchid #24, palladium-toned Van Dyke photograph

Process has always been a central component in my work. As the photographic world turns toward the electronic image for its speed and convenience, I have begun to reevaluate how I picture the world. The Van Dyke print is created by hand coating a sheet of fine art paper with a solution of iron and silver. The negative is placed in direct contact with the paper and exposed to sunlight. After processing the image, it is toned with palladium, a precious metal, which gives its warm color.  I am attracted to the unique and authentic process of making an image by hand.  This is also one of the most permanent image-making processes known because of the use of precious metals. I enjoy making photographs that speak with a soft voice, that reflect simplicity in both composition and content. - Scott Weber
Born in Los Angeles, California, Scott Weber earned both the Master of Fine Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, California.  His photographs have been collected by museums and used to illustrate documentary projects for historical purposes as well as exhibited in galleries. The use of the view camera and traditional photographic techniques helps define his personal style.  Recently, he has begun to use historical processes such as platinum/palladium and Van Dyke printing and has exhibited these new images in Europe and North America.  Weber is an Associate Professor of Photography in the Department of Fine Arts at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida.


Latin America: Celebrating the Joy of Life
Terminal D
Opens April 2015

 Latin America: Celebrating the Joy of Life, Terminal D, Opens April 2015
Women participate in the 5th edition of the Alebrijes Monumentales Parade, one of the events in the Day of the Dead
México D.F. ,México, October 20, 2012. Photo credit: Alex Cruz

Latin America celebrates and honors its history and folklore through its popular festivals or fiestas. From carnival season to the well-known Day of the Dead, each country joyfully commemorates its unique identity through an explosion of vibrant color, spirited music, all with unequaled passion and intensity. These festivals are truly an expression of the diverse and fertile mythical and historical influences that enrich Latin America.

The images featured in this exhibition, captured by EFE photographers, are examples of the daily work of thousands of journalists who provide the media with hundreds of news articles, photos and videos reflecting the everyday reality of the Americas.

As it commemorates its 75th anniversary, EFE takes pride in being the world’s largest Spanishlanguage news agency and in upholding its brand which is synonymous with prestige, credibility and editorial independence.


Silver Springs

Photographs by Bruce Mozert

opens August 2014

North Terminal, near Gate D31

Bruce Mozert (b. 1916) created some of the most memorable kitsch photography in the era of Florida's tourism marketing boom of the 1950s. A true innovator in underwater photography, his staged images of beautiful models in crystal-clear waters were sent out on wire services from the 1940s through the 1970s, enticing snowbound northerners to become snowbirds and experience Silver Springs as Florida's premier tourist attraction.

Photographer Gary Monroe has selected some of the best underwater photographs that capture those heady times in all of their whimsical glory. As Bruce Mozert’s photography comes to light, his best work will likely be recognized as iconic images of the State of Florida’s recent cultural past while becoming integrated into the broader world of photographic aesthetics.


"Rock Flower" 

Rock Flower



 Opens July 2014

North Terminal, near Gate D31
Coral Morphologic is as an art-science hybrid comprised of marine biologist Colin Foord and musician Jared McKay. Together they present coral reef organisms as both alien and archetypal life-forms through multi-media and site-specific artworks. Coral Morphologic finds itself firmly rooted in the present time and place of Miami: a city built primarily from limestone that has been recycled from thousands of years of local reef-building, and home to a diverse cultural community that mirrors its colorful aquatic ecosystems. Years of scientific observation in both the wild and the lab have led Coral Morphologic to identify metaphors applicable to both coral reef life and the urban human condition. We have concluded that there is an inseparable affinity between Miami and the reef, and seek to illuminate this relationship through our works.
The fluorescent soft corals featured in this photographic exhibit are all native to the coral reefs in and around Miami.
Learn more: www.coralmorphologic.com
Twitter/Instagram: @coralmorph


Photo courtesy Gregg Woodard

For more information on this exhibition, please contact the Miami-Dade Aviation Department's
Division of Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs at 305-876-0749.