Plane Fun


Plane Fun is a unique, interactive children's play area created in collaboration with Miami Children's Museum. Families, children and those young-at-heart, can delight in MIA's newest indoor adventure. Plane Fun offers little visitors a place to learn about aviation while engaging in role-play. We hope you find our new interactive play area, educational, inspiring and just - Plane Fun! 

Located in Concourse E, near Gate E5 and accessible from Concourse D as well.

Plane Fun consists of the following interactive stations: 



The Control Tower

Experience what it’s like to be an air traffic controller! Our control tower allows young aviators to talk to the pilot in the learn-to-fly airplane, listen to real conversations between air traffic controllers and aircraft, monitor air traffic control radar, watch weather radar and see video of arriving aircraft.

Toddler Play Space

A soft-play space is provided for children under three years old. The area contains a Sit-in airplane with a crawl-through fuselage tunnel, two bolster benches, low mirrors on the wall and busy box-style activities.

Learn to Fly

A wind tunnel with a simple aircraft model demonstrates basic aerodynamics. Our tiny travelers take the controls of a remote-controlled plane and practice landings and take offs.

Clear for Takeoff

Tiny travelers can fire up the engines as they sit inside the cockpit of a model airplane to “tour” Miami.

I Spy Miami from the Sky

Up, up and away! A faux burner simulates a hot air balloon ride complete with a  video screen in the basket floor to simulate rising above Miami.

Just Plane Crazy

Take a selfie with a unique aircraft on our 65” touch screen monitor and you can keep the picture by emailing it to yourself!!