Real Estate Management & Development: Non-Terminal

The MIA terminal is surrounded by 3,000 acres encompassing 9.2 million square feet of buildings that include cargo warehouses, office space, hangars and maintenance shops. The airport grounds are bordered north to south from N.W. 36th Street to the Dolphin Expressway, and east to west from LeJeune Road to N.W. 72nd Avenue.

There is also a consolidated presence of all relevant federal agencies that facilitate cargo clearance. 

This Non Terminal Properties area (NTP) is a centralized business hub offering users/tenants all the services needed to operate a successful business on MIA property. It features easy accessibility to South Florida's transportation infrastructure that includes the N.W. 25th Street viaduct, scheduled for completion in Spring 2016, as well as Miami-Dade County’s public transit system, local highways and two major interstates. The NTP area of the Airport operates with on-site management and 24/7 emergency service.

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