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Miami International Airport soared to unprecedented heights in 2023, marking a historic year of accomplishments in passenger and cargo traffic, as well as substantial investments in maintenance and capital improvements. MIA achieved its highest-ever annual passenger total, handling 52.3 million travelers in 2023, for an impressive 3.2% increase over the previous year's record.

MIA has been welcoming these record numbers on a 24/7 basis while simultaneously working to modernize each touchpoint along the passenger journey airport-wide, from the airplane cabin to the airport curb.

Through the Modernization in Action (M.I.A.) Plan, 126 passenger loading bridges, 203 public bathrooms, and 616 conveyance units (elevators, escalators, and moving walkways) are being renovated in phases over the next 5-7 years.

Aging areas require being out of service for up to a year for renovations or repairs. Out of MIA’s 312 elevators, 206 escalators, and 98 moving walkways, less than 10% are out of service for maintenance on an average day, but we know that may still disrupt your travel journey and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Under the leadership and guidance of Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, we are working diligently and ask that airport patrons please pardon our progress while we get MIA Future-Ready to keep you connected with more than 170 destinations across the world.

We appreciate your patience while the M.I.A. Plan makes traveling through MIA easier than ever before. Learn more about each project in the tabs below.

What’s the first place most of us go to after a long flight? You guessed it – the bathroom. MIA’s restroom modernization project includes the renovation of 203 public access restrooms located on all three levels of MIA’s terminal and concourses. As of October 2023, a total of 31 bathrooms have been modernized.

Renovations include interior demolition, new partition walls, new toilet partitions, new restroom finishes including flooring, walls, ceiling, new vanity countertops, new plumbing fixtures, new accessories, and new lighting fixtures.

Phase 1, which includes 10 public restrooms on the concourse level in Concourse H, is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023.

Phase 2, which includes 26 restrooms in Concourse D, 14 restrooms in Concourses E, F, and G, and 16 public restrooms in Concourses H and J, is scheduled for completion by Fall 2024.

Phase 3, which includes the remaining bathrooms across the MIA terminal, is scheduled for completion in stages over the next five years.

Project Benefits:

  • Modernized facilities for passengers and employees
  • Touchless fixtures
  • Improved accessibility
  • Sustainable design
  • Energy-efficient products
  • EPA water-sense-certified or meets LEED requirements



Restroom Renovation


Restroom Renovation



The Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners has adopted a new capital improvement program at Miami International Airport that will fund up to $7 billion in airport-wide modernization projects over the next five to 15 years, paving the way for future growth in passenger and cargo traffic at MIA - projected to reach 77 million travelers and more than four million tons of freight by the year 2040.


Learn more about the Capital Improvement projects.


A modernization plan is underway to fully rebuild and/or replace most of the 616 conveyances at MIA (312 elevators, 206 escalators, and 98 moving walkways), which represents half of all the conveyance units at Miami-Dade County government facilities. To keep MIA accessible for those using wheelchairs, elevators have been prioritized for modernization and eight elevator units have already been completed. So far, 32 units have been upgraded, and another 38 units are under contract to begin the modernization process in 2023 and 2024.

A full conveyance modernization typically requires 16 to 20 weeks on average to accomplish the precision fabrication of replacement components, as well as the specialized equipment and rigging needed to remove and install extremely large parts in challenging locations. For example, a modernized 40-step escalator is comprised of over 12,000 moving parts. 

As we install new and rebuilt devices, we have found it difficult to obtain parts because of continued supply chain delays. It is taking as long as eight months to receive parts. In addition, some of our devices are obsolete and parts literally are built from scratch. Additionally, routine maintenance and inspections are required, which further reduces the number of units in service. The remaining units will be in some stage of modernization within the next seven years.


Escalators Updates


Moving Walkway Updates


Elevator Updates



A passenger's first step from the airplane to the airport is onto a passenger boarding bridge (PBB). MIA is improving that first impression by replacing or refurbishing all its 126 passenger boarding bridges. The first 32 bridges, including two glass bridges, have been installed. Another ten are pending solicitation. By 2028, 94 of MIA’s 126 bridges will be replaced.

This project also includes the design, fabrication, transportation, and installation of pre-conditioned air units, baggage chutes, and ground support equipment for each boarding bridge.


Loading Bridges

Project Title: Parking Garage Improvements 

Project Timeline:

  • Scheduled Completion: Fall 2021

Project Summary:

  • Improvements include: pressure cleaning; painting of walls, ceilings, columns, bollards and staircases; increased lighting; and elevator modernization.

Project Benefits:

  • Cleaner parking garages for travelers, visitors, and staff. 
  • Increased security with added lighting. 


Project Title:  Parking Guidance System

Project Timeline:

  • Scheduled Completion: Summer 2022

Project Summary:

  • The automated parking system will assist passengers and visitors in finding a parking space in the airport garages. It consists of cameras that turn green when there is a vacant parking space and red when the space is occupied.
  • 16 “Pay-On-Foot” Systems will be installed throughout the Dolphin and Flamingo parking garages. This will help in reducing congestion at the exit as the prepaid ticket is processed faster.
  • All exit lanes will be equipped with Exit Terminals that will allow unattended payment allowing for more throughput regardless of staffing levels.
  • A new loyalty account will be introduced for frequent parkers to earn points for each visit.  The points may be redeemed for future parking visits.

Project Benefits:

  • Help passengers and visitors easily find a parking location.
  • Prebook or reserve parking in advance through the airport website.
  • Ability to pay for parking with a credit card, debit card or mobile pay.
  • Assist in locating a vehicle when the driver forgets where they parked. A map will be displayed after payment with to illustrate where the vehicle is parked.
  • Better customer service with intercoms at each of the pay-on-foot devices to allow parkers to contact a Customer Service Representative in the 24/7 staffed Parking Control Room.


Parking Guidance System


Project Title: Perimeter Fence Security Enhancement 

Project Timeline:

  • Completed March 2021

Project Summary: 
Installed 18” diameter stainless steel razor wire coil assemblies on top of the existing 10.95-mile-long perimeter fence, with “V” type connectors and six new lines of barbed wire. 

Project Benefits:

  • Enhanced airport security

Perimeter Fence Security Enhancement


Project Title: Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

Project Timeline:

  • Scheduled Completion: Winter 2022

Project Summary:

  • A $6.2 million security project funded by TSA adds advanced technologies to the airport perimeter to detect unauthorized movement along the fence line.

Project Benefits:

  • Enhanced airport safety and security.

MIA South Terminal


Title: Digital Signage at D-60 Gates

Project Timeline:

  • Completed Summer 2022

Project Summary:

Installation of 13 new digital displays in Concourse D, post-security, at D-60 gates. The new dynamic signs display each gate's number, destination, and flight number. The new displays replaced multiple static ones, which required manual relocation for each flight operation.

Project Benefits:

  • Provides passenger information at each of the D-60 gates in a digital medium.
  • Increase operational efficiency when the information needs to be updated.\


North Terminal D60 Monitors