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Key West and Other Unusual Places

Brian Reedy & Tom Virgin


June 23, 2021 – October 3, 2021


Key West and Other Unusual Places is an exhibition of printed works by two prolific Miami-based visual artists and printmakers, Brian Reedy and Tom Virgin. The exhibition is based on Reedy’s rich, otherworldly imagination and Virgin’s travels to different artist residencies across the United States. 


Brian Reedy is best known for his whimsical block prints. Reedy uses one of the oldest techniques of making prints from a relief surface in a process he finds cathartic and fun. The bold and graphic qualities inherent in block printing best convey mood and feel in the mysterious and intriguing images he creates. 


The linocuts on view in this exhibition stem from Reedy’s lifelong fascination with dinosaurs, the paranormal, and the supernatural. In addition, his travels and admiration for the architecture of India, Japan, and Thailand have had a profound influence on his image-making. The artist hopes his block prints can take passengers and airport staff to a place a bit detached where one can take things less seriously. 


Tom Virgin is an artist, printmaker, and letterpress printer that works at the intersection of image, prose, and design. The setting of Virgin’s work is rooted in shared experiences and relationships formed during collaborations in interdisciplinary projects with other visual artists, poets, and writers. Virgin uses contemporary printing technologies and the traditional “hands-on process” of printmaking to produce compelling textures and surfaces that carry the active hand of the artist in the work.   Follow this compelling visual storyteller to the Midwest and other locations across the U.S.


The exhibition’s theme “escapism” was conceived by Brian Reedy and Tom Virgin – two Miami artists that demonstrate the enthusiasm, commitment, and sensibility of printmaking and its fascinating qualities. Viewers are invited to let their imagination take flight around the real or escape to an imagined world.


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