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Pollinators - Tropical Botanic Artists


March 26  –  June 2022


The work in this exhibition focuses on plants from South Florida and their animal and  insect pollinators. A topic of much interest worldwide, pollinators and their host plants are essential for biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. The watercolor and mixed media works comment on the variety and variability of creatures that pollinate South Florida's abundant and unique plant life. Focusing on these complex natural relationships, members of the Tropical Botanic Artists Collective illustrated birds, butterflies, moths, bees, wasps - even aquatic zooplankton - with the plants they pollinate. The vital role of pollinators is familiar to farmers and home gardeners alike. The connection between plants and their pollinators is crucial in South Florida's remaining uncultivated places–pine rocklands, hardwood hammocks, glades, and coastal mangroves. These co-dependent relationships, though not always obvious, can be powerful. Without one, the other will not survive. The Tropical Botanic Artists created Pollinators in collaboration with Biscayne National Park, Florida.


Artists featured in this exhibition are Margie Bauer, Kristi Bettendorf, Beverly Borland, Silvia Bota, Marie Chaney, Susan Cumins, Jeanie Daniel Duck, Pauline Goldsmith, Diana Heitzman, Leo Hernandez, Elsa Nadal, Donna Torres, and Jedda Wong. 


The Tropical Botanic Artists Collective was established in Miami, Florida in 2006 to pursue the beauty of tropical plants through art. Its members come from all walks of life and each brings a unique viewpoint to his or her work. They share the love of the natural world and it is reflected in their admiration for botanical subjects. They hope that their viewers will take a moment to observe the wonders of minute detail in plants and bring these new powers of observation into everyday life.


Tropical Botanic Artist Collective


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