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FAA Finding Of No Significant Impact and Record of Decision Adobe
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Environmental Assessment Document Sections 1-10         

Section 1 - Introduction Adobe
Section 2 - Purpose and Need Adobe
Section 3 - Alternatives Adobe        
Section 4 - Affected Environment Adobe    
Section 5 - Environmental Consequences Adobe
Section 6 - Mitigation Adobe        
Section 7 - Coordination and Public Involvement Adobe
Section 8 - List of Preparers, List of Parties to Whom Sent Adobe
Section 9 - Glossary of Terms Adobe        
Section 10 - References Adobe


Appendix A - Letters From Aircraft Operators Adobe
Appendix B - Correspondence From Federal State and Local Agencies & Responses to Early Notification Package Adobe
Appendix C - Public Meetings & Response to Citizen Comments Adobe
Appendix D - Aviation Noise Fundamentals Adobe
Appendix E - Threatened & Endangered Species Survey Adobe
Appendix F - Cultural Resources Assessment Survey Adobe
Appendix G - Draft EA Notice of Availability and Public Hearing Adobe
Appendix H - Comments and Responses on Draft EA Adobe