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Concourse D, post-Security

Near Gate D29


A Place For Everything

Kerry Phillips

June 19 - September 27, 2020


Artist Kerry Phillips creates sculptures and installations using materials available in a given place at a given time – ranging from things found to collected experiences and retold stories. Phillips often alters a space using architectural interventions and enlists public participation in the gathering of materials or through performative interactions. Fascinated by collections, Phillips has created meaningful projects, such as, Sometimes your things are my things, an interactive installation covering the wall with homemade cardboard shadowboxes filled with found (and kept) objects over the years. My parents’ junk drawer reveals her

attraction to meaningless objects that are, nonetheless, charged with fond memories and candid representations of a specific moment in time.


For A Place for Everything, Phillips’s work continues to honor the memory that objects hold, while challenging the notions of place and consumption. Here she unpacks My parents’ junk drawer once again, revealing her continued fascination for such accidental collections. For this iteration she also presents a second, mirrored copy, reconstructing and memorializing each banal object from the original drawer.


Going through her parents’ junk drawer that first time after many years made her curious about the migratory patterns of the items within and how, out of necessity, some things float to the top while others remain buried far beneath. To help in further research, she invites viewers to document and submit their junk drawers to add to her growing collection.


For details on how to participate in this project, visit https://www.kerryphillipsart.com/junkdrawer.


Kerry Phillips: A Place for Everything Brochure