Concourse D, North Terminal
View of Concourse D, North Terminal - Photo by Heery S&G - Visit MIA's Shopping and Dining directory


Q. - What is the physical address of the airport?
A. - For driving purposes, MIA's intersection address is 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142-- More.

Q. - Where can I find maps of the area with directions to the airport or surrounding areas?
A. - Go here, view maps in Mapquest - Yahoo - Bing.
or type your address: City: State: Zip: Country:

Q. - Where can I find information about connecting flights? Arrivals and departures? International arrivals (U.S. Customs)? Airlines' ticket counters? Flight times (real time) information?
A. - Connecting flights- Arrivals- Departures- Where to park- International arrivals- Ticket counters - Flight times - Flight Tracker.

Q. - Where can I find information about connecting flights?
A. - Here.

Q. - Where are the cruise lines counters / representatives?
A. - The following cruise line counters are open on demand.
Carnival Cruise Lines: Concourse F, 1st level, baggage claim and Concourse D, 1st level, near Door 3
- Cruiseport Destinations: Concourse G, 1st level, baggage claim
- Holland America: Concourse F, 1st level, baggage claim
- Norwegian Cruise Lines: Concourse G, 1st level, baggage claim and Concourse D, 1st level, near Door 3
- Princess Cruise Lines: Concourse F, 1st level, baggage claim

Q. - Where are the smoking areas, once I pass the security check points? 
A. - There are no smoking areas past security checkpoint. Smoking is permitted only in designated curbside areas on the first and second level, across the street from the terminal.

Q. - Do you have locker storage or long-term baggage storage in your Airport?
A. - No, passengers may only store baggage in the baggage storage facilitylocated in Central Terminal Concourse E2nd level. More.

Q. - Do you have a hotel inside the Airport?
A. - Yes, Hotel MIA, located in Central Terminal Concourse E 2nd level. Visit or call 305-871-4100. Accommodations  - Amenities  - Contact Us  - Groups & Meetings  - Photo Gallery  - Reservations  - More.

Q. - Do you have duty-free shops in your Airport?
A. - Yes, there are Duty Free stores in all three terminals. For exact locations, click here.

Q. - Do you have shower facilities in the Airport?
A. - Currently there are no shower facilities in the airport, except in some airlines' clubs and lounges.

Q. - How much are the taxes for international flights?
A. - Taxes are usually added to the ticket at the time of purchase. For additional information, please contact your airline.

Q. - Are there things to do on a layover?
A. - If you have 3 to 5 hours between flights, here are some suggestions. Other options: MIA Art Gallery- Traveling with Children- Shopping, Dining and Services- MIA's Useful Links- or visit the Tourist Information Center located in the Central Terminal Concourse E 2nd level (Hrs: 6:00am to 10:00pm daily).

Q. - Where can I find information regarding hotels and motels in the Miami area?
A. - View MIA's Useful Links for more information.

Q. - Is there courtesy transportation from Miami International Airport to my hotel?
A. - Please check with your selected hotel directly to find out whether they offer courtesy shuttle transportation to and from the airport. 
Hotel shuttles pick up and drop-off areas are located on the lower (arrivals) level of the airport. 

Q. - Can I purchase a VISA card for travel to Cuba at the airport?
A. - Once you get to Miami International Airport, you can purchase a VISA card for Cuba. It costs approximately $100 and there is a kiosk close to where the flights depart to Cuba. One of the companies offering the service is Cuba Travel Services (CTS). You may contact CTS at or by calling them at 1-800-963-2822.

Q- How can I request effective communication to participate in a Miami-Dade Aviation Department public meeting or event?
A. -To request materials in accessible format, Sign Language Interpreters, CART services and/or any accommodation to participate in any Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) public meetings and events please email the ADA Office at or call the office in 305-876-7747 in advance to initiate your request. Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing may also call 711 (Florida Relay Service).



MIA Parking Garage

Q. How can I pay for parking?

A. Major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover, debit cards issued by Visa and Master Card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are accepted.

Cash is only accepted at select Quick Pay self-service stations. They are located at:

  • Dolphin Garage, Level 3
  • Arrivals/1st level, inner loop, between Terminals E and G.  
  • Flamingo Garage, Level 3

Cash payments will not be available at the garage exit lanes.

Q. What do I do if I pay in cash and the machine runs out of change?

A. If a Quick Pay station runs out of change, you will receive a short money receipt. You will need to take the receipt to the parking office, located at the Central Collection Plaza, to receive the rest of your change.

Q. How do I exit the garage?

A. If you pre-pay at a Quick Pay station, you will proceed to the parking garage's exit lanes and insert your ticket into the kiosk there to exit.  

If you do not pre-pay, you will insert your ticket and pay at the exit station with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.  

If you used a credit card to enter the garage and did not get a ticket, you will go to the garage exit and insert the same card into the exit lane kiosk. When the payment has been processed and you retrieve your card, the bar will lift to exit.

Q. What do I do if my ticket is lost or damaged?

A. If you lost your parking ticket, proceed to the garage exit. Once there, you will push the telephone icon on the kiosk. A representative will assist you with processing your payment.  

Q. What options do I have for overnight or long-term parking?

A. You can park in our garages for up to 45 days. Vehicles parked over 45 days will be considered abandoned and will be towed at the owner’s expense.  

Q. How do I know if there are spaces in the garage?

A. You can see real-time parking availability here. (Coming Soon)

Q. Can I use SunPass to pay for parking?

A. SunPass is currently not accepted in our garages.  

Q. What are the height restrictions for parking in the garage?

A. Vehicles under 7 feet can park in the garages. Vehicles over 7 feet may use the "High-Vehicle" surface lot parking area adjacent to the Dolphin (North) Garage's East side, and the Economy Park and Ride Lot.

Q. Can I reserve a parking spot?

A. We do not currently offer reserved parking.

Q. Where can I park overnight?

A. You can park in any of our garages overnight.

Q. Is there valet parking?

A. . Valet parking is available. Visit our parking page for more information.

Q. How can I pay for valet parking?

A. Accepted payment methods include: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Q. Which is the best parking location for my flight?

A. You should park in the Dolphin Garage for flights departing from Concourses D and E.

You should park in the Flamingo Garage for flights departing from Concourses E – J.  

Q: How can I request a parking receipt?

A: Please email with your full name, the transaction date and time, and the last 4 digits of the credit card used. Our team will work on sending over your parking receipt.



View of South Terminal, Concourse J
View of South Terminal, Concourse J

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MIA's Metrorail Station, Metrobus services, Miami Intermodal Center and Miami Central Station, click here.

Q. - Where can I obtain ground transportation from Miami International Airport via taxi?
A. - Taxicabs vans are available on the arrival level (level 1), outside the baggage claim area. Hotel shuttlesare available on the departure level (level 2). More.

Q. - During what hours is ground transportation available at Miami International Airport?
A. - Ground transportation is available 24 hours per day.

Q. - What is the cost to travel by taxi?  Are reservations required?
A. - Costs vary by destination (see rate chart). Reservations are not required for taxicab service originating from MIA. Rates for taxi are also posted on the ground transportation kiosks located on the ground level of the terminal, outside the baggage claim areas. More.

Q. -How passengers get to and from the Rental Car Center (RCC)? 
A. -Passengers connect between MIA and RCC via the new MIA Mover electric-powered train. The MIA Mover train station at the airport is located on the 3rd level between the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages. Use the 3rd level Skyride (moving walks) to access the MIA Mover station.

Q. - How do I go from the airport to South Beach, Downtown, Lincoln Rd, Bayside by bus or train?
A. - You will find public transportation fares, routes, schedules and interactive maps here.

Q. - What types of transportation options are available from Miami International Airport to the Port of Miami?
A. – The following services are available:
• Pre-arranged cruise line transportation (North bus station in concourse D, level 1, Door 1 or South bus station in concourse J, level 1, Door 33)
Public transportation (view routes and schedules)
Taxi (view rates) or ride-share service
• View driving directions to the Port of Miami or visit the Port of Miami website for additional information.

Q. - What type of transportation options are available from Miami International Airport to Ft. Lauderdale Airport (FLL)?
A. - The services available on demand are taxi service (view rates). Other options include pre-arranged ground transportation services, including bus and limousine and Tri-Rail Commuter Train Service , located just outside the airport (free shuttle service to and from the train station is available the lower level Central Terminal Concourse E 1st level  bus station). Please contact Tri-Rail directly to inquire about the rates and schedules for the train service. View driving directions to Ft Lauderdale Airport or visit Ft. Lauderdale Airport (FLL) website for more information.

Q. - How can I obtain information regarding the Tri-Rail Commuter Train to travel between Miami and Palm Beach?
A. - Based on zone travel, round trip prices range on Tri-Rail from $3.50 to $9.25 (reduced prices for senior citizens, students, children ages 5-12, disabled passengers and Medicare recipients.) Call toll-free at 1-800-TRI-RAIL, 1-800-273-7545 (TTY), or visit for more information.

South Terminal, Concourse J
South Terminal, Concourse J

Q. - Where I can find statistics about MIA?
A. - Here: Monthly and Yearly Statistics- Financial Statistics- Annual Report- Facts-at-a-Glance- Carriersand Cities Served

Q. - Where I can find phone numbers and contact information about MIA's staff, airlines, and business partners?
A. - Here: Contact Information- Phone Directory- Executive Leaders- Airline Directory

Q. - In here, you can find information about:
A. - Business Operations- Business Opportunitiesand Advertisements -Rules and Regulations (MDAD Chapter 25) - Capital Improvement- Manuals and Documents

Q. - How can I volunteer at MIA? How can I nominate an employee for Reward & Recognition? Are there Protocol Services? Can I take a tours of MIA?
A. - Here: Volunteer Ambassadors Program- Reward & Recognition Program- Protocol Services- MIA Tours

Q. - What can I do with my children at the airport?
A. - Visit MIA's Kids Corner for more information.

Q. - Where I can find information about cargo? General Aviation Airports (GAA)?
A. - Here: Cargo- Homestead General- Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport- MIA General Aviation Center (GAC)- Opa-locka Executive Airport- Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport

Q. - Where I can find additional information about MIA and South Florida?
A. - Here: The NEW MIA - Photo Gallery- Site Map- Search Tips-News Clips- Links of Interest

For additional information, view MIA's Contact Information or Phone Directory