Where to go

There are 3 areas close to parking that are reserved for animals.

  • An open area west of the North (Dolphin) garage and near North Terminal (D), across from Door 5 on Level 1 Baggage Claim/Arrivals
  • A fenced area west of the South Short Term Parking lot and Central Terminal (F) across from Door 15 on Level 1 Baggage Claim/Arrivals
  • A fenced area south of the South (Flamingo) garage and near South Terminal (J), across from Door 28 on Level 1 Baggage Claim/Arrivals


There are 4 indoor restroom spaces located beyond the security checkpoints specifically designed and reserved for animals.

  • North Terminal (D) near gate D34
  • Concourse F near gate F7
  • Concourse G near gate G11
  • Concourse J behind gate J3