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We Inherit the Earth: Site and Memory in South Florida

Christina Pettersson

November 16, 2020 – April 15, 2021


The Cutler Fossil Site, a sinkhole on the land of what is now the Deering Estate - a 21st Century house museum, cultural and ecological field station, and a historic landmark located south of Miami - is a portal deep into the past. Over millennia, this 13 feet deep and 23 feet wide sinkhole has been a den for dire wolves, a watering hole, a shelter, and a burial place. The karstic limestone solution hole discovered in 1979 was filled with thousands of bones of Pleistocene animals, as well as human bones and artifacts of Paleo-Indians and people of the Archaic period. 


Artist Christina Pettersson has spent her career focusing on the history and environment of her native South Florida. Her multi-media work reveals a deep allegiance to the wilderness of a bygone era, the sorcery of the night, and the experience of a world in decline. It is a stage materialized from the Everglades of her hometown, which she has spent a lifetime exploring. She chose to explore this solution hole with the ancient natural materials of charcoal and ink on wood panels so that viewers can begin to imagine the experience of being inside its high craggy limestone walls, warmed with ferns and sun-dappled by trees above.  She is a current Artist in Residence at the Deering Estate, Miami, FL.


We Inherit the Earth: Site and Memory in South Florida aims at envisioning (for a moment) the glorious land of Florida ten thousand years ago, a land which was hundreds of miles wider and hundreds of feet higher than today; and a vast savannah filled with Ice Age mammals and some of America’s first indigenous people.


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We Inherit the Earth: Site and Memory in South Florida is funded by The Ellies, Miami’s visual arts awards by Oolite Arts and presented by MIA Galleries, Miami International Airport.


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