Central Terminal, E

2nd Floor, Departures Level, near Door 13



Gloria Bow

Johnny Robles

Mural painting, 2021, 11'2" x 12'9"


Johnny Robles is a multi-disciplinary artist working at the intersection of art, technology, and nature. Studies in color theory, geometry, and science, combined with his natural and spiritual world interests, are central to his work.

The artwork’s title, Gloria Bow, is derived from a glory rainbow, a halo of interlocking colors made up of tiny droplets of water reflecting sunlight scattered back towards the viewer. This phenomenon we see in nature can be experienced from tall buildings, a mountain top, or an airplane. Over the years, the artist’s experiences of observing glories have marveled and served him as reminders that nature seeks each of us. This work intends to engage passersby in a moment of solitude, clarity, or stillness.

Johnny Robles (b. 1984) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Miami, FL. Robles studied at Studio Arts College International in Florence, Italy, and later received his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. His work has been featured in several group and solo exhibitions in Miami and around the world. Exhibitions include the Museum of Art & Design, New York City, NY (2010); Hollywood Art & Cultural Center, Hollywood, FL (2013); Spinello Gallery, Miami, FL (2014); Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL (2015); David Castillo Gallery, Miami Beach, FL (2016); and Galleria Del Paseo, Uruguay (2016). Public and private art mural commissions include Chase Bank and Bank of America Collections. The artist currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.


Gloria Bow - Johnny Robles Brochure


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A project commissioned by MIA Galleries, Miami-Dade Aviation Department. Photos by Carlo Rojas.