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South Terminal J, post-security

Gate J7


The Art of MIA

A film produced by Wet Heat Project for
MIA Galleries, Miami International Airport

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The Art of MIA is a short film presenting a selection of artwork on view throughout Miami International Airport (MIA). More than documentation, the film is an expressionist journey inspired by the interplay of public art and the movements and energy within the airport’s unique venue that brings the artwork to life.

Produced by Wet Heat Project, each vignette explores and celebrates the following artwork commissioned by MIA Galleries at MIA: (You) Wish You Were Here (2017) by 2alas (Andrew Antonaccio); Discovery and Settlement of the West and Festivals of the Americas (1960) by Carybé (Héctor Bernabó); Imagined Landscapes (2014) by Edouard Duval-Carrié; Meltdown (2014) by Jen Stark; Tropic Episodes (2019) by Michelle Weinberg; BESAME MUCHO (2016), ALL TOGETHER NOW (2014), PEACE & LOVE (2013) by R&R Studios; and Temporary Altars (2010) by Teresa Camozzi.

Direction, Camera, Edit: Bill Bilowit & Marilyn Loddi
Executive Producer: Grela Orihuela

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MIAmi (moving images installation)

Photo by Dan Forer. Courtesy of MIA Galleries, Miami International Airport (Work depicted by Jen Stark)