Gate D31 Gallery

Concourse D, post-security

Near gate D31


The Sun Scans New Growth

Cristina Lei Rodriguez

On view through March 5, 2023


Cristina Lei Rodriguez creates her images by arranging exotic orchids and South Florida foliage on a digital scanner. By leaving the scanner lid open, Rodriguez records the changing natural light of the sky while documenting the vitality of the plant’s life. The final high-resolution scan magnifies the flora’s details, while creating abstraction and digital interruptions. The studio process marries technology with the natural world while furthering the tension between what is artificial and authentic. Each image is a moment in time visually recorded and documented into the artist’s increasing archive.


Rodriguez’s art practice cultivates native and tropical plants in her garden as a study and mediation on how nature adapts, thrives, fails, and is born again. It is the artist’s source of illumination on the complexity of life and the ever-changing world we live in.


Cristina Lei Rodriguez’s landscape images create a visceral connection to the hot, wild, lush habitat of Miami’s tropical life that is encountered the moment one steps outside the airport and feels the humidity on one’s skin.