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Altered Boundaries

Rosemarie Chiarlone

November – February 25, 2020


Rosemarie Chiarlone’s work explores the physical and psychological boundaries of human connection utilizing language as image.  Her creations address multifaceted societal and political matters, by way of works on paper, hand-made books, installations and sculpture.

Altered Boundaries is an outcome of her 2019 Artist Residency at Deering Estate in Miami, Florida.  She was inspired by Charles Deering’s writings that expressed his commitment to conservancy.  He was prescient in his concern for the loss of native habitats, such as the Everglades hammock, through the influx of population and the lack of Floridians’ concern for this loss.

Altered Boundaries consists of works on paper and book art that elicit the viewer to question the visual and textual meaning and to explore the communicative transparency and obscurity of all boundaries between the physical and psychological.  The typographical imagery is the result of absence, created by tiny pinholes in the paper – her hand-punctured words and phrases result in the final work.  In its irreverent poetic impracticality, the work reveals multiple connotations pertaining to the changing environment of our world.


Altered Boundaries Brochure