The Miami-Dade Aviation Department has developed a Standards Manual  with participation and concurrence from tenants, users and airport employees on how the airport should look and function, as well as how all airport employees should conduct themselves in the performance of their duties.

Revisions to the document will be published as needed.

Mission of the Management Standards Section

Mission of the Inspections Section

  • Provide routinely scheduled internal administrative inspections to ensure compliance with established professional standards and written directives.
  • Collect performance data and management information for policy development and management review activities.
  • Conduct internal administrative review of allegations of ethics violations or violations of departmental or County rules and procedures.
  • Coordinate and act as the departmental liaison with non-departmental investigations.

Mission of the Management Review Section

  • Perform internal management and efficiency studies.
  • Conduct administrative reviews of internal practices and operations (Administrative Orders ).
  • Conduct business practice reviews and develop procedures to implement industry best practices.
  • Coordinate audits, inspections and investigations by non-departmental elements (Audit and Management Services, Police, Office of the Inspector General, etc.) and responses to them.
  • Provide follow-up on all audit and inspection reports.
  • Act as liaison for all regulations, rules, agreements, and other documents  governing and related to County Direct and Indirect Billings to the Aviation Department

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