MIA’s concession program consists of nearly 280,000 square feet of space throughout the pre-and post-security areas of the North, Central, and South Terminals. Commensurate with the cultural and geographic diversity of MIA’s international passenger base, the concessions program includes a wide array of brands and concepts including some of the world’s leading retailers and restaurants, international and regional brands specifically targeted to the unique makeup of the MIA traveler base, and renowned local/regional concepts curated to deliver an authentic expression of the cultural richness of the Miami area.

The Airport is divided into three main terminals: North (Concourse D), Central (Concourses E, F, and G) and South (Concourses H and J). At approximately 140,000 square feet, the North Terminal houses nearly 50% of all Food & Beverage, Retail, and Duty-Free space at MIA. The Central Terminal contains approximately 78,000 square feet of concessions space, representing approximately 28% of the overall program square footage. The remaining approximately 63,000 square feet of concessions space, representing 22% of the overall program, is situated within the South Terminal.

The overall concessions program at MIA is currently comprised of over 200 locations. Food & Beverage and Retail units occupy 83% of total concessions space, with Duty-Free space occupying the remaining 17%. Approximately 65% of the total concessions space at MIA is located in the post-security environment.

Nationally and internationally recognized concessionaires offer branded concepts at market basket prices. Local retailers feature a diversity of South Florida products. MIA represents the eclectic cosmopolitan community it serves with a sense of place, excitement and diversity.

Improvements in the passenger terminal areas and the opening of state-of-the-art facilities now form part of the new MIA. For information regarding the Concessions Program, please check the Airport Contact Listing.

Concession companies at MIA are selected through a competitive selection process. When the airport has concession space available to lease, the Miami-Dade County Internal Services Department issues a solicitation document that describes the space(s) available, concept(s) desired, Miami-Dade County requirements for operating at the airport, as well as required submittal documents. Please check Opportunities and Advertisements for upcoming solicitations.


In order to be included in future communications associated with concession solicitations, please complete the MDAD Interested Party Form and route to JCarvajal@flyMIA.com

MDAD Interested Party Form