The Miami-Dade Police Department Airport Operations Bureau maintains a constant state of readiness in response to the needs of passengers as they travel through Miami International Airport (MIA). The Airport Operations Police are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you find that you need police assistance while at MIA, you can call 305-876-7373. To contact Major Juan Villalba Jr. or Captain Alain Cuenca, please call 305-876-7373.

The General Investigations Unit (GIU)
The General Investigations Unit (GIU) consists of two investigative squads - the Crime Analysis Unit (CAU), which includes two Police Crime Analysts: an Intelligence Analyst and a Community Service Officer.

GIU detectives provide and are responsible for initiating and conducting follow-up investigations for burglaries, larcenies, assaults, auto thefts, ticket fraud and other offenses that do not fall under the scope of Police Headquarters units.

Crime Analysis Unit (CAU)
The Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) function is to collect data and information relating to crime and then analyze and disseminate this information to departmental elements as well as other concerned law enforcement agencies in a timely manner.

Specialized Projects and Operations Unit
The Special Projects Unit is responsible for the accomplishment of special projects and activities as they relate to incidents at MIA. These activities include but are not limited to developing and coordinating training sessions to enhance the performance of the Miami-Dade Police Department Airport Operations Bureau Officers, as well as coordinate activities between the Airport Operations Police and Aviation Department.

Incident Containment Team (ICT)
The primary goal of ICT is to enhance the overall safety and security of MIA, its employees and the traveling public.  The mission of ICT is to provide the immediate response to a threat, actual terrorist or major criminal event.

Motorcycle Unit
The Motorcycle Unit provides a highly mobile group of officers to respond quickly to the rapidly changing traffic flow at MIA.  The objective of the unit is to minimize traffic congestion by placing personnel in locations where needed to expedite the flow of traffic and enforce laws of the State of Florida and ordinances of Miami-Dade County.  The Motorcycle Unit also complements the Miami-Dade Aviation Department with selective enforcement action of the upper and lower drives of the MIA property. 

Our Explosive Detection Canine Team program prepares dogs and handlers to quickly locate and identify dangerous materials that may present a threat to transportation systems at MIA. They have the ability to rule out the presence of dangerous materials in unattended packages, structures or vehicles, allowing the free and efficient flow of the passengers and commerce through MIA.